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NM Rugby

Rookie Rugby


Ages: 5 to 8 years old

Gender: All

General Information:

Rookie rugby is a great way to get little ruggers in our community involved in rugby. This non-contact child-focused program has multiple locations within the New Mexico/West Texas union. Primarily focused on children in third through eighth grade, this community run program is an inexpensive way to get kids interested in the sport.

10 reasons to play rookie rugby

  1. It's safe: We understand that safety is one of the primary concerns for both players and parents. This is a non-contact version of the game.
  2. It's inclusive: Inclusivity is one of the core values at USA Rugby; therefore it is built into the Rookie Rugby program to ensuring that every child feels encouraged to pick up the rugby ball.
  3. Kids love rugby: Rugby has a special way of giving everyone the opportunity to run with the ball, pass the ball, and play defense. Because of this, kids walk away from a match feeling active and part of a team - feelings we want our children to have daily.
  4. Fans: For every child that plays rugby there is a whole family that adopts the game. A local program helps grow the rugby fan base, which means more spectators in support on the community and national level.
  5. It's easy to start: There are several ways to start a Rookie Rugby program; you can start as a parent, club, community organization or school.
  6. Minimal equipment: Balls, flags, jerseys, and boundary cones are all available in the Rookie Rugby starter pack.

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LA Nukes

Contact Info:

Club Email:

Coach Mateo Cardiel Phone - (505) 500-6497 - Primary Contact

Coach Demetrio Cardiel Phone - (505) 250-8005

About the club:

The U-19 high school rugby team of Los Alamos, NM. The Los Alamos Rugby Football Club was founded in 1990 as one of the first boys high school rugby teams in the state. In 2012, the club was renamed as the Los Alamos Nukes Rugby Club. Back-to-back New Mexico 10's State Champions for the 2016 and 2017 seasons.

Ysleta United Rugby Club (YWLA Transformers)

Contact Info:

Pete Bralich U18, U15 Coach


personal -

cell - 915-383-5874

Celeste Ledesma U13, Rookie Coach

work -

personal -

cell - 915-355-1032


The YWLA Transofrmer Rugby Club was established at the Young Women's Leadership Academy in the Ysleta Independent School District in 2016. YWLA is an all-girls public school servicing 6th through 12th grade. The rugby club encompasses any YWLA student in middle or high school and is open to any female high school student in the Ysleta ISD in El Paso. Our Rookie and U13 teams mainly compete in touch and flag rugby, while our U18 and U15 teams are contact. The YWLA rugby season includes both Fall and Spring.

San Juan Spartans

Contact Info:

Club Email:

Coach Paul Quintana Phone – (361) 947 7285 - Primary Contact


In 2015, the San Juan Youth Rugby Football Club was started by educators from a local high school, who were interested in promoting youth rugby in the city.  That year, both a boy’s high school team and a girl’s high school team were started.  San Juan Youth Rugby Football Club is committed to being a competitive rugby team which installs great values on and off the field.